Insights Along The Way

Readings by Donna


My name is Donna. I reside in beautiful, Asheville, North Carolina. I have been drawn to numbers for as long as I can remember. By looking at our name and date of birth we can learn so much about ourselves. I am passionate about numerology as it has changed the way I look at life and brought me peace and understanding through all the cycles of my life. Once you know your flow life will be much easier to navigate and understand. I love helping others to find happiness by learning about the unique blueprint given to them at birth and how these number frequencies influence our lives.

I have been doing intuitive numerology readings for over 25 years. I have provided professional readings at the Edgar Cayce Center in VA Beach, at community fairs and by appointment. I have studied multiple systems. Through numbers I am able to tap into my sixth sense which enhances my readings. I have studied under other professionals but have my own style of reading. I combine numerology with sacred card readings which are based in astrology and numerology. The cards allow me to provide more details on what your focus will be in any given year. What you will be doing and many times who you will be doing things with:-) I was inspired to study and share this system after finding it to be amazingly accurate in my own life. The system also provides great insight in the area of relationships and compatibility between people. I look forward to connecting with you and providing insights on you journey!